Superintendent Tulk's APSEA update and Seen And Heard.

June 2016

My very first newsletter “Monthly Message” in January 2006 opened with the “rear-view mirror” analogy; noting the importance of occasionally glancing in the rear-view mirror to keep a sense of where we have been and to prevent things from sneaking up on us! However, the size of the rear-view mirror is small in comparison to the windshield ... it is critical that we devote most of our attention to the road ahead.

 March 2016

Spring has arrived.... officially at least, although March storms serve to remind us we live in Atlantic Canada! The advent of spring also reminds us the school year is speeding along.

In addition to a staffing update, information about the Parent Weekend, summer camps and the Braille Challenge, this issue features articles about and/or by students, illustrating their achievements.


 December 2015

December has come quickly ... reflecting a fast-moving fall and school year!

Given the numerous activities across APSEA, Seen and Heard should only be viewed as “a tip of the iceberg” a small sampling of news, events and accomplishments concerning students, staff and supporters. Inside, you will also find articles about accessibility, inclusion, instructional innovations and the APSEA Parents’ Association.

June 2015

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The end of the school year seems to have arrived quickly, due in large part to the busy period since our April newsletter.


April 2015

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As Easter approaches we look forward
with excitement to some respite from
winter weather... hopefully it won’t
be too long in coming!



November 2014

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As the end of November approaches (and Christmas comes into
view), I hope your autumn is going well.

It’s been a busy period since our
June newsletter ...

June 2014

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With the school year about to end, the seemingly
rapid passage of the past few months becomes more
pronounced! Along with our usual activities, the
implementation of the strategic plan has been a
focus since the formal Board approval in November.

February 2014

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February means we are already into the second half of the school year! I invite you to “take a breather” and catch up on happenings around APSEA. This issue celebrates achievements by students and staff, gives helpful tips/information about the library and assistive technology, updates the strategic plan and the autism project, featuring an introduction to our new Coordinator.



Seen And Heard

November 2013

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As temperatures continue to drop and another season rushes along, I trust you are enjoying the early stages of a new successful school year.

Seen and Heard is an amalgam of the Super- intendent’s Message and Scene & Heard newsletters.

June 2013

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As the weather warms, our itinerary moves from school closing to summer camps, staff training and completion of the staffing process in preparation for a new school year. This Message contains an inspirational article from student Ashley Hache, “My Abilities versus My Disability”, information on Danny Johnson’s recent fundraising effort and updates on the Review, staffing and the Accessibility Committee.

May 2013

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As I write this Message, we are in the midst of both completing year-end tasks and preparing for September. Of course, the Review is also forefront in our minds ... as that process moves along. This issue includes an inspiring article on a student’s successful “Dinner in the Dark” initiative, a positive student transition experience, information on the Parents’ Association, a staffing update and our calendar for 2013-14.

March 2013

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Longer days and March breaks are just around the corner ... welcomed by many, as our Atlantic weather starts to transition from winter to spring. This active period in the life of schools is reflected in this Superintendent’s Message, which shows both student and staff work, ranging from poetry to technology, from space camp to research and special causes.

December 2012

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 As 2012 draws to a close and we are caught up in the hustle and bustle of the season, it’s an opportune time to glance back over the past couple of months. This issue of the Superintendent’s Message is intended to bring you up-to-date on “APSEA happenings”, to acknowledge individual accomplishments and to turn our thoughts to the months ahead.

October 2012

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As the memories of summer become faint, this Message includes a report on the ASL Immersion Program, spotlights on students and staff from last year and information from the Board.

June 2012 As the end of June looms, we begin to turn attention to summer plans and preparations for another school year. In addition to two student features, this “Message” includes an update on the recent Board of Directors’ meeting, the new strategic plan and staffing changes to date.
May 2012 APSEA continues to be a community of high activity, a small sample of which is contained in this “Message”. The month of May can be described as a period in which the “rear view mirror” analogy applies. Although our main focus must be what lies ahead of us, we should not lose sight of our journey to date.
February 2012 Having passed the mid-point of the school year, many of us could be excused for wondering “what happened to winter?” It’s also an occasion for us to highlight some of the happenings around APSEA.

September 2011 Welcome back!!
We trust you had a good summer ... despite the less-than-ideal weather in many parts of Atlantic Canada!
May 2011 The end of another school year approaches … with an opportunity to reflect upon the events which have brought us to this point and to look ahead in preparation for the coming September.
January 2011 The mid-point of the school year approaches, with temperatures dropping and many people anticipating the start of the Canada Winter Games.

November 2010 As snow becomes more frequent in the weather forecasts, we change the tires on our vehicles and try to meet our goals for the fall in advance of the holiday season.
October 2010 The colours of fall (and the dropping temperatures) are reminders of our transition towards the colder months and the heart of the school year.
June 2010 School's just about over for another year! As we get caught up in our day-to-day responsibilities, there are fewer opportunities for us to reflect upon the bigger picture of what we do ...

Fall 2009 Our annual inservice week signifies that we are well-into the heart of another school year! Excitement and anticipation at the start of a new year have been particularly evident this fall, as we begin the implementation of our strategic plan.
June 2009 Flurries of activity form the backdrop for this year-end message. Our usual routines continue to be affected by the process of strategic planning; the Board approval, informa
February 2009 Early March is accompanied by winter thaws, a visible sign we are in the second half of another school year!

December 2008 As we anticipate the Christmas season and approach the end of 2008, we may reflect on the past with a sense of "where has the time gone?" The fall has been full, with our annual inservice, strategic planning, and other changes as we seek to improve our programs and services for children.
June 2008 It is hard to believe that the year is nearly over! This final issue of the Monthly Message covers a range of matters: student and staff activities and achievements, information about APSEA programs and news about next year.
May 2008 Time continues to fly perhaps a reflection of how busy we all are! Short-term programs, regional staff meetings, and regular school- and Centre-based events make for a vibrant calendar. This sense of excitement is accentuated by the "big rocks" presently on the APSEA agenda.

September / October 2007 Welcome Back!! I trust that each of you has enjoyed the summer season and the most pleasant start of autumn. July and August activities involved students (Intervener Program, Autism Camp) Staff (training for educational interpretation, language acquisition facilitators, and a sign language course) and future staff (students in the MSVU programs).
January-February-2007 As our various spring breaks begin, life at APSEA continues to prove engaging and exciting. The community atmosphere which accompanies our students during their short-term program placements serves to brighten up our days, regardless of the outside weather conditions.

September 2006 Welcome back! On behalf of the Board of Directors and Senior Management, I trust that your summer turned out to be what you wanted... and with that "R and R", you're ready for and excited about the year ahead!

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