Services for Students who are
Deaf or Hard of Hearing

The Atlantic Provinces Special Education Authority (APSEA) is an interprovincial co-operative agency established in 1975 by joint agreement among the Ministers of Education of New Brunswick, Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and Prince Edward Island. APSEA provides service for children and youth from birth to 21 years of age who are deaf or hard of hearing and reside in Atlantic Canada.

APSEA supports the philosophy of the inclusion of students who are deaf or hard of hearing with their peers in their community schools. School districts are recognized as having responsibility for the education of all school age children.

Programs and services offered by APSEA are designed to assist school districts in the provision of adaptations required for students who are deaf or hard of hearing.  APSEA supports a delivery system which makes it possible for each child to receive an educational program designed to meet the student's individual needs. Some programs are provided through short-term programs (one week to five months) at the APSEA Centre in Halifax.

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APSEA is a cooperative agency between the Provincial Departments of Education of
 New Brunswick,   Nova Scotia,   Newfoundland &  Prince Edward Island 
Located at 5940 South Street Halifax, NS, B3H 1S6