Student Services ImageStudent Services
Information about the service APSEA provides for its students including information on obtaining service for new students.

Calendar ImageCalendar
Calendar Information for the current APSEA school year.

Auxiliary ImageAuxiliary
Information and News for the APSEA Auxiliary

Superintendent Update ImageSuperintendent Update
Seen and Heard & Superintendent Tulk's APSEA update

Annual Financial Statements ImageAnnual Financial Statements
APSEA annual financial statements

APSEA Strategic Plan 2013-2016 ImageAPSEA Strategic Plan 2013-2016
Most recent APSEA strategic plan

Policies ImagePolicies
APSEA Policies

Canadian Standards ImageCanadian Standards
Canadian National Standards For the Education of Children and Youth Who are Blind or Visually Impaired, Including Those with Additional Disabilities in PDF format

APSEA is a cooperative agency between the Provincial Departments of Education of
 New Brunswick,   Nova Scotia,   Newfoundland &  Prince Edward Island 
Located at 5940 South Street Halifax, NS, B3H 1S6