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Introduction to APSEA Counselling Services

January 24, 2022 - 12:00pm – 1:00pm and 6:30pm – 7:30pm

Counselling Services encompasses some of the many learning supports available for students who are blind, visually impaired, Deaf and/or hard of hearing through APSEA. Who can access counselling services and how? What types of questions can we ask APSEA counsellors? Join this adult learning session to learn more about how the APSEA Counselling Services team can support student learning and development. An opportunity to ask questions, share what some of your related needs might be and feedback on APSEA counselling services.

Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • meet and connect with the APSEA Counselling Services team
  • learn about what APSEA Counselling Services can do to support learners, families, and educational teams
  • share your perspectives and ask the APSEA counselling team your questions

Intended Participants:

  • Parents, caregivers, and adult family members of the students APSEA supports
  • School Team members
  • APSEA employees


  • Janice MacPhail, APSEA Counsellor (DHH)
  • Brian Yee, APSEA Social Worker (BVI)
  • Lisa Jenkins, APSEA Counsellor (DHH)


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