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Family Focused Sign Language

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Weekend Immersion Programs

Communication is fundamental to a child’s development, and it begins in families. Communication skills support any child, regardless of language, in forming positive relationships, recognizing and talking about their thoughts and emotions, developing social skills and literacy skills, and generally achieving to their fullest potential. Many children who are Deaf and hard of hearing are born to hearing parents, who may not have experience in ASL. Developing ASL skills in families can have a significant impact on the language skills of children who are Deaf and hard of hearing, allowing them to grow and flourish.

APSEA Connect is proud to offer an immersive sign language learning experience over two weekends, with a focus on the value of communication within a family. Lead by professionals who are Deaf and hard of hearing, this online program is for individuals who are beginning their learning journey in American Sign Language (ASL) and its dialect, Maritime Sign Language (MSL) or those with some experience.

Family Focused Sign Language is offered at two levels to suit different learning needs:

Level 1 – participants with little or no knowledge of ASL who are looking for a place to start
Level 2 – participants with some vocabulary who can communicate in basic ASL (e.g., knowledge of the signs associated with categories such as family, animals, emotions, and colours)

No prior experience is required. Come join this fun and relaxed exploration of a language that will open your eyes to different ways to communicate.

Please note that space in this program is limited.

Participants will have opportunities to:

  • Learn new signs
  • Practice communicating
  • Learn about the similarities and differences between ASL and MSL

Intended Participants:

  • Parents, caregivers, adult family members of children and youth who are Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Educational Partners (teacher, education assistant, daycare provider) of children and youth who are Deaf and hard of hearing
  • Hearing and Language Specialists (speech language pathologist, audiologist)
  • APSEA employees who provide direct support to children and youth who are Deaf and hard of hearing

Robyn Mackie, APSEA ASL Specialist