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Additional Services

Assessment Services

The APSEA assessment team, based at the APSEA Centre, gathers information in the areas of audiology, cognition, academics and language and other areas when appropriate.  When assessing students with dual sensory loss, the assessment team for students who are blind or visually impaired is also involved.

Short Term Programs

APSEA short-term programs (STPs) are developed to provide an intense, individualized program to meet each student's identified needs. A student could participate in more than one STP in any school year. Programs are provided for small groups of students and vary in duration, up to one week. The students have the opportunity to participate in 9-9 programming as residence staff support STPs by providing activities to reinforce program outcomes after school and in the evenings. Students are encouraged to stay in residence for the duration of their STP.  In some circumstances, students attend as a day student.


The APSEA audiology department consists of the Audiologist, the Hearing Systems Technologist and the Accounting Clerk. The Audiologist is a member of the DHH Assessment team and provides support in fitting students with new APSEA issued personal remote microphone systems (FM/DM). Hearing aid supplies can also be purchased by families through the Department.

ASL Specialist

The ASL Specialist is responsible for providing American Sign Language (ASL) consultation services to families, students, APSEA staff and school teams. The ASL Specialist can conduct assessments, make recommendations, and provide on-site and distance consultation to support ASL development.