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Did you know that the camera on your tablet/phone can help you read information that is difficult to see? Using the camera app on your device, take a photo of the items listed below. Zoom in to look more closely at your pictures – you might find some surprising information!

  • Clothing tag/label
  • Labels/symbols on an appliance (e.g., washing machine, dishwasher, microwave, stove)
  • A picture of someone’s face in a book
  • Cooking instructions on a package
  • Five words written around your house that aren’t in books
  • Instructions on a board game/card game

If you want audio descriptions of what your camera sees – you might like to try one of the following apps:

Seeing AI (iOS)

Envision AI (Android)

Activity extensions:

  • Take your scavenger hunt outside to find signs of spring
  • Try the magnifier feature on your device:

Using the iOS Magnifier - Hadley Support Video

Using the Android Magnifier - Hadley Support Video