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Did you know that you can access free books online with your local library card?

The Centre for Equitable Library Access (CELA) and Bookshare are two accessible online libraries. These libraries have merged to provide accessible books, newspapers, and magazines to people who have a print disability. 

With your local library card, you can register for a free CELA/Bookshare account.

What are some interesting things that you can do with CELA/Bookshare on your personal device?

  • Access popular titles of electronic books, newspapers, magazines
  • Customize electronic text (e.g., change the background color, adjust font size, select read-aloud voice)
  • Download the same book in multiple formats (e.g., have a braille copy and an audio copy of the book)
  • Recommend a book for CELA/Bookshare to create in an accessible format

Want to learn more about CELA/Bookshare?
CELA Library - Getting Started