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A green garbage truck on a residential street. A green compost bin and black garbage bag are on a lawn.

There are many interesting jobs that people do each day. You only have to spend a little time looking and listening in your neighbourhood to discover what some of those jobs are.

Orange fire hydrant positioned in front of leafy green plants.

Let’s investigate.

Sit on your doorstep or open a window and look and listen to the sounds and activity going on around you. 

What do you see?

What do you hear?

Three grey community mailboxes, each with sixteen individual boxes. There are two boxes for larger parcels and packages on the bottom of each community mailbox.

See how many jobs you can discover. Enjoy and discover who the people are in your neighbourhood.

Here is an example of what you might discover:

What you hear/see? Jobs
I hear my mailbox open Mail carrier
I see neighbours loading a moving van Movers, furniture makers, people who sell furniture
I hear hammers and see people on a roof working Carpenters, construction workers, roofers, people who make and sell the building materials
I hear a green bin being rolled out to the road. Sanitation workers
I see an orange fire hydrant. Firefighters
I hear the grass being mowed and I see a pesticide warning sign. Landscape workers

Pesticide notice sign, posted on a green lawn. Sign reads ATTENTION Pesticide Application and has information regarding application time and lawn care company's contact information.