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Here are some great tips to keep in mind when you are setting up a study station at home. Whether it be a desk in your room, or a section of the dining room table, these tips will help you keep organized and on task!

  • Make sure there is a power outlet close by so you can plug in a task lamp, and any equipment that needs to be charged. If you have several items that need electricity, consider using a power bar.
  • Having a clock or timer at your study station can help you plan and focus your work sessions. A timer can remind you when to take short visual, water, or stretch breaks and longer ‘get up and move’ breaks to keep you sharp.
  • Find a bucket or bin for your pencils, scissors, glue and electronics and you will always know where they are. When you are done working with your supplies return them to the bucket or bin.
  • Keep yourself organized by having a working folder to store assignments, and projects that are in progress. Also, you can have an all-done bin for competed work. Try to keep these in a consistent location so that you can quickly retrieve and put away materials.
  • Things to consider when deciding on the best light source include the position of the lamp, the spread of light, and glare from the light source on the material you are working on. Natural light (sunlight) is good if it is available in the room where you are working.