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  • Introduction to Knife Skills
    Using a serrated knife is recommended for people with vision loss as it is possible to determine the location of the cutting edge without relying on visual cues.
  • Colour And Contrast
    Colour and contrast can help make things easier to see when you are preparing food and during mealtimes.
  • Take-A-Long Trail Mix
    Trail mix is a great way to introduce basic cooking skills with your child such as pouring, measuring, scooping, stirring and following a simple recipe.
  • Skills for Spreading with a Kitchen Knife
    Learn how to use a kitchen knife to spread toppings onto their food.
  • Snack Baskets
    A fun way to have access to snacks all day and a great way to promote independence.
  • Bunny Sandwich
    Now is a great time while at home, to practice cooking skills with your children. Here is a fun spring themed recipe for a bunny sandwich.