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Baskets with a Juice box, apple, Jello, a spoon and popcorn
  • Having a snack basket for your child is a fun way to have access to snacks all day.
  • Snack baskets are a great way to promote independence.
  • Each morning set up your child’s snack basket with favourite nutritional snacks. The basket can be left on the counter or in the fridge, depending on what foods are in the basket for that day.
  • During the day your child can go to their snack basket and choose what snack they would like throughout the day independently.
  • The basket should have their name on the front if there is more than one child in the home.
    • Your child’s name can be in large print or braille. If your child uses braille, but you do not have access to creating braille, then consider a tactile sticker or other craft material like glued on pom poms, tactile stickers or buttons. This will allow your child to independently find their basket.
  • Snack baskets allow your child to have some control over their snacks each day. Talking about healthy snack options are a great way to learn about the different types of foods. This is also a fun way to learn where food items are kept in the kitchen, for example in the cupboard or fridge.
  • Your child can also help fill up their own water bottle each day to have in the basket. It is a great way to practice using taps or a jug to pour liquids.
  • Having food items in different types of containers or bags can help develop fine motor skills for opening different items. Twist top containers or those with side clips work well as do snacks in Ziploc bags.
  • We would love to see your basket, take a picture and tag us on Instagram #apseasnack baskets