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View from the middle of hallway in a shopping mall, with glass windows of the store on either side. There is an opening in the middle of the hallway to see the floor below. There are escalators in the distance going towards an second level.

Think about the following scenario and talk to your family about how you would organize a trip to the mall to meet up with a friend.


You’ve arranged to meet a friend at the mall for hanging out and a bite to eat at the food court. You know what time your friend plans to get there, and you have a ride to the mall thanks to a helpful neighbor. He’ll drop you off at the main entrance of the mall. Is there anything else you need to know before you head out?


Where will you meet up with your friend? Think about crowds and open spaces that can make it more difficult to connect with a single person that you may not be able to see. How can you make it easier to find each other?

How will you decide where and what to have for lunch at the food court? How will you pay? Consider how you’ll get your order from the food kiosk and find a table … without spilling your drink!

Is there information you can find out before you leave? Think about how many restaurants there might be, what your preferences are, and what might be on the menus. Consider navigating in the mall. Do you already know your way around? Would it be helpful to have an orientation session with your O&M Specialist or a family member before you go?

Back-up plans … what will you do if you and your friend don’t find each other?

Is there a way for your friend to help you at the food court? Or to help you do some browsing while you’re at the mall? What information will you share with your friend about what interests you and how they can help you? What can you do for your friend in exchange?

What kind of information can you get from the customer service agent at the mall? What kind of information can you get from the retail and store staff? What kind of information can you get from the general public, like another shopper? What information will you ask for/share and what information will you NOT share? Consider the information you need, the information you’re just curious about, and the information that you aren’t interested in.