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Orientation and Mobility Activity Calendar - Week 1

Day 1: Outdoor Fun!
Plant some flowers or plants.

Planting small plants or flowers can either be done with hands only or with small garden tools. The actions of digging a hole, planting a flower or plant and covering with dirt is a fun activity than can be done without difficulty.

Day 2: Make your own lunch!
Decide what you’re going to have.

Make a list of items you might need.

Get the different items out of the refrigerator or cupboards and return them when you’re done.

Day 3: Look After Your Pet for the Day!
Learn how to feed, water, and brush them (with supervision).

Day 4: Make a sculpture out of nature!
Use some of the nature items you've gathered on a walk to make a sculpture or fun creature.

Day 5: Gather Information About Your Local Mall:

  • Is there bus access available?
  • How many entrances are there?
  • Which entrance will you use to enter the mall?
  • What type of stores are available?
  • What is the layout of the mall?