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Orientation and Mobility Activity Calendar - Week 2

Day 1: Learn Your Area:

  • How far is it from where you live to the nearest intersection or crossroads?
  • How long does it take to walk or drive to this intersection or crossroads?
  • What are the names of the streets/roads that meet at this intersection or crossroads?
  • Describe how the traffic is controlled at this intersection or crossroads.

Day 2: Play a Game of "Find the Timer"!
One person hides a ticking kitchen timer somewhere in the room. Another person must find it before it goes off.

Day 3: Have a Picnic!
Prepare a simple meal that you can pack and carry yourself.  Walk to a destination that is suitable for a picnic.  List the things that you saw, heard or smelled along the way.

Day 4: Let’s Measure Our Steps!
While out for a walk, measure how many steps it takes to walk from one telephone pole to the next. Then, see if the one after that is the same distance.

Day 5: Looking and Listening for Moving Cars!
When you’re walking close to a parked car, what are some things that you may see or hear that might tell you that car is about to start moving? Can you name five things?