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Orientation and Mobility Activity Calendar - Week 3

Day 1: Cardinal Directions:
When you first step out the front door of your house or building, what cardinal direction are you facing (North, East, South or West)? Or, is it an intercardinal direction you’re facing (Northeast, Southeast, Southwest or Northwest)? If you don’t know the answer (and many don’t!), how can you find out?

Day 2: GPS Fun!
Does your car have a navigation system? Ask the driver to set the destination, even if they know where they're going and how to get there. Listen to the instructions about street names, turns and distances. Turn it on again to navigate back home. Can you remember the instructions in reverse?

Day 3: Setting the Table:
Practice setting the table. Where do the spoon, knife, and fork go in relation to the plate? What about the glass and napkin?

Day 4: Back to school!
In your imagination, travel the halls of your school. Go to the gym, the office, and your classroom. Can you describe the "virtual" route to a friend or family member? Give as much detail as you can remember. Challenge a friend to do the same!

Day 5: Having a Friend Over:
Your friend is coming to your house for the first time. Can you describe what your house looks like so they can find it easier? What are the landmarks and clues that are close to your house that would help them?