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Orientation and Mobility Activity Calendar - Week 4

Day 1: Grocery Shopping:
Can you name 10 things you might find in the Produce Department at the grocery store?

Day 2: Dog Guides:
Gather information on dog guide schools using the Internet. Do you think you would get a dog guide? What do your parents think?

Day 3: Learning Parallel and Perpendicular Traffic:
Do you know the difference between parallel and perpendicular traffic? When you stand outside your house facing your street, is traffic parallel or perpendicular? If you turn to walk towards your next-door neighbor, is the street parallel or perpendicular? Can you name other streets in your neighborhood that are parallel to your street?

Day 4: Rainy Day:
On a rainy day, put on a water-repellent jacket and a pair of rubber boots, and splash around in some puddles.

  • How does the water feel when the puddle is shallow?
  • How does the water feel when the puddle is deeper?

Day 5: Smart Phone Explorer:
If you have a smart phone, download Nearby Explorer Online. Have the app on while you walk or drive in your neighbourhood to learn street names and about what businesses are around as you travel.