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Here's a short, active game you can play between school lessons, a great way to sneak in a work-out and have some fun!

Two dice, one showing 1 dot, the other showing 4 dotsSupplies you will need

  • Sneakers
  • Large print or braille copy of the exercises:
    • 1- jumping jacks
    • 2- push-ups
    • 3- arm circles
    • 4- squat jumps
    • 5- crunches
    • 6- burpees
  • Two dice
    • Taking into account your visual needs you can use two dice, braille dice, talking dice, or large dice that you purchase from the dollar store.
    • You can also use the Talking Dice Roller app on your iPhone to complete the activity.
    • If you do not have dice at home, you can make your own dice, by printing a paper template, using a wooden block with dots or braille labels added (see image below) for examples of materials.
Items to make your own dice. Paper template, glue gun, coloured paper, handheld hole punch, wooden blocks


  1. You have two dice. Roll one of the dice. Match the number you rolled with the exercise.
    • e.g. The dice indicates 6, 6= burpees
  2. Roll your second dice and add the numbers up from the two dice and that will tell you how many times you must complete that exercise.
    • e.g. The dice indicates 5, 6+5=11     11 burpees
  3. If you roll doubles your parents or a sibling have to do the activity with you.
  4. Set a timer for 5 minutes to play the exercise game.