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Considering your next Leisure or Recreational option?

Accessible Media IncorporatedBe inspired by compelling stories, be engaged with original content by and about real Canadians and gain access to TV that friends and family enjoy.

Accessible Media Incorporated is dedicated to improving access and giving voice to all Canadians.

Many members of the public are familiar with Closed Captioning (what is heard is printed at the bottom of the screen to give access to those who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing). Closed Captioning (cc) is listed in TV program listings.

Beside the CC you may have noted another symbol, a set of headphones or Described video logo. This icon advertises the ability to access Described Video.

Described Video is when important visual information is described verbally during a pause in dialogue. The narrator might explain facial expressions, costumes, actions, or the setting that would aid in understanding.

AMI – Accessible Media Inc provides a variety of services to improve access to media for persons who are blind or have visual limitations.

Instructions for accessing Described Video and the guide to all programs across Canada with DV are available at

If you have a tv and subscribe to a cable or satellite direct-to-home services, you have access to the AMI-tv channel at no extra cost.

If you don’t have cable access but have access to the internet you can watch many shows on demand at

Download the free iOs app for AMI-tv (perhaps the easiest access of all!)

The AMI channel provides shows designed to open the eyes of the sighted to the abilities of the blind and others who are often considered ‘disabled’ due to physical or sensory differences or limitations. Many of these programs, designed with accessibility in mind, have Integrated Descriptive Video. You won’t hear a narrator’s voice added to describe what is occurring between the speaking of the actors, because the description of important information is provided by those on the screen.

AMI-TV Shows

AMI-TV Sports

  • Provides short clips introducing viewers to adaptations to allow all participants to be physically active while enjoying the social opportunities that come from sport.
  • Check out blind wrestling, blind hockey, blind curling, adapted mountain biking, Ringette for All, etc.

You can also listen on demand to AMI-audio podcasts!

No matter how you access Accessible Media Inc., you will find a variety of compelling stories and engaging original content by Canadians. Be inspired and consider your next leisure or recreational option.

Apprenez-vous à parler français? Profiter de la AMI-télé.