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Items found on a scavenger hunt including a tree twig covered in lichen, an eagle feather, a large 12cm wide moth, three small yellow bird feathers, acorns, a fossil, a smooth reddish brown Bay of Fundy rock, a small bird nest, a clothes peg, a small sea shell, a larger spiral shell, tiny 5 mm shells on a small twig wreath, a curled up piece of birch bark, a large piece of drift wood all placed on a small table sitting on a wooden sundeck.

Scavenger hunts are a fun and creative way to explore your environment around you. Ask a family member to join you or split up, search and share your findings with each other when finished.

Here is a list of some items that you can search for on your property or in an open park:

  • Find something soft.
  • Find something crinkly.
  • Find something heavy.
  • Find something wet.
  • Find something that smells sweet.
  • Find something that feels cold.
  • Find something that is smooth.
  • Find something that smells stinky.
  • Find something that feels spiky.
  • Find something that you can make a snapping sound with.
  • Find something squishy.
  • Find something bumpy.
  • Find something furry.
  • Find something tiny.
  • Find something that belonged to a tree.
  • Did you hear an insect buzzing by?
  • Did you hear running/dripping water?
  • Did you hear leaves moving in the wind?
  • Did you hear a vehicle drive by?
  • Did you hear a bird?

Discuss with others the items you found and explain why you picked that item to spark some interesting conversation.

Happy Hunting Scavengers!