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It can be challenging to talk about vision and needs. Sometimes other people may not ask questions nicely or comment respectfully. It is important to figure out how to talk about your vision and respond appropriately.

Activity: Role Play

Make a list of situations that you have experienced and that you imagine might happen in future situations. For example, someone may ask:

  • Why do your eyes shake?
  • Why does your eye turn?
  • Why do you use the iPad to type work on?
  • Why do you always sit so close to the front?

Put each question or scenario on one side of a card and shuffle the deck.

Play with your family or friends. Compare and share your responses.

Sort your responses into two piles. One for responses that you want to change and one for responses that you feel you have a handle on. You may not be able to control what others do or say, but you can decide how you want to respond. It can be helpful for us to think about and prepare for different situations.

Variations for Ages and Stages

  • Help your child create a frequently asked questions sheet to share with new teachers and/or peers.
  • Make a book using an app like Book Creator (or make a paper copy), to create a social story about what to do or say when in awkward situations.