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Self-determination allows students with visual impairments to learn how to advocate for themselves and ensure that their visual needs are met. Part of that is learning about the structure and function of the eye. This allows them to better understand how their particular eye condition affects these structures. Here is an activity to get started on learning about the eye.

Using any device, you have available watch this video about the structure of the eye.

After watching the video, have an informal discussion about what you watched. You may choose to watch the video more than once.

  1. Talk about some of the different parts of the eyes mentioned and what their role is (ex: sclera, cornea, anterior and posterior chambers, iris, pupil, lens, vitreous humor, retina, fovea, and optic nerve).
  2. Discuss what you and your child found interesting about the video.
  3. Write down any specific questions your child has about the eye (your itinerant teacher can help answer these if you are unsure!).

Additional Resource: Learning About my Eye by Cindy Bachofer (TX Sense Abilities, 2015)