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As we approach the end of another school year and anticipate a new beginning in September, this is a great time to plan for next year. Think of effective ways you can communicate your needs to new or unfamiliar persons. What is important to you? How many new people will need to know about your vision and needs? How would you like to tell them?

If you will be having new teachers and meeting new peers, sometimes it is challenging to have repeated conversations about your vision. You may be looking for an easy and concise way to communicate what you want to say.

Activity: My Personal Business Cards

You can control what kind of information to include. Be aware of sharing personal and/or medical information that not everyone may need to know.

Here is an example of the front of a business card:

Visual Access & Preferences

  • worksheets must be minimum 14pt font with good contrast, spacing and sufficient room to record written responses
  • allow me to take pictures with my iPad or iPhone to view distant information at near
  • allow me to take visual breaks when necessary

Here is an example of the back of a business card:

  • use high contrast (not faded) whiteboard markers
  • depending on various factors, my visual needs may vary from day to day
  • don’t stand in front of a bright window when teaching because I will not be able to see you
  • please ask me if you have any questions about my vision and visual needs


  • Avery business cards #8371 (has front and back) or any business card template of choice
  • cardstock (if you don’t have business cards, this will work)
  • printer and computer

Variations for Ages and Stages

  • Help your child create a list of the big ideas you would like to share with their teachers and/or peers. Make a paper poster for their teacher to keep as a quick ‘at a glance’ reference to remember visual adaptations.
  • Create a digital book using an app like Book Creator or slide presentation to share with others electronically.

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