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Taste is a sense that we use many times each day, and paying attention to different tastes can expand our understanding of the world. Take your lunch or a snack outside with your child and take some time to think and talk about taste.

How is eating outdoors different from eating indoors? How is it the same? Talk about different types of tastes: sweet, spicy, salty, sour, and umami (savory).

  • What flavour(s) does your favourite food have?
  • Do you have a favourite flavour? Sweet? Salty? Sour?
  • Do some tastes seem warm or cool?

If there are plants that you know are safe to eat (herbs, for example) take a nibble! (Never eat anything that you are not 100% sure is safe to eat.)

Follow-up activities:

  • Make a favourite recipe and talk about (and taste) the flavours of different ingredients and how they come together to make a new taste.
    • For example, when making pancakes, there is salt and sugar in the batter. When other ingredients are added, it makes something totally different.
    • How does flour or salt by itself taste? What about when it’s mixed with other ingredients?
    • Try a new food. How does it taste? Does is taste like another food you’ve had before?