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Caring For Hearing Aids and Daily Listening Checks

Some of the early audiology skills from the expanded core curriculum (PDF) we work on with our students who wear amplification include things like: learning about how to care for their hearing aids, reporting when they aren’t working, how to change batteries, and the size of their batteries. Some simple activities you can do at home include having your child complete a hearing aid chart and do a daily listening check together.

Hearing Aid Chart (PDF)
We have included a simple chart you and your child could print off to keep track of their hearing aid care. You and your child could also create your own tracking chart using materials you have around the house.

Daily Hearing Aid Checks

Here are some questions you and your child could go through together as he/she is learning to care for their hearing aids.

  1. Did you put your hearing aids on this morning?
  2. Are your hearing aids and earmolds clean?
  3. Did you check the hearing aid tube for moisture?
  4. Is your right hearing aid working?
  5. Is your left hearing aid working?
  6. Did you check your batteries with a battery tester?
  7. How many batteries did you change today?
  8. Did you charge your hearing aids last night?
  9. How many packages of batteries do you have left?
  10. Will you need to buy more batteries this week?
  11. Did you place your hearing aids in the dry aid system last night?

How to do a listening hearing aid check

The first 2:55 of this video will walk you through the process of how to do a daily check of your hearing aids.