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Some of the early skills we work on with our students who wear amplification include learning the parts and functions of the ear and some basic terms relating to hearing levels. These concepts are helpful as students begin to start learning how to advocate for themselves. In order to understand how their amplification works and to explain their own hearing level, it is important to start by learning the parts of the ear and how each part functions.

Parts of the Ear and How they Work is a website that has a fun cartoon that explains the parts of the ear and how they work. Once you get to the website, scroll through the list of videos about the body parts to find the one about the ear!

The names for different parts of the ear can be a little challenging to remember so we have added some activities to help you and your family practice them.

You will find a diagram of parts of the ear and a worksheet that you can complete at home to try and name the parts of the ear yourself. We have also included a Race to Draw the Ear game that you can use to practice the vocabulary.