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Playdough can be so much fun…especially for those of us who have never grown up.

It is so versatile and can be used to build language and communication skills while playing. This activity shows how you can focus on comparing things using comparative (-er) and superlative (-est) adjectives.

3 different sized butterflies made from playdoughMake a simple item and ask your child to make one that is bigger or smaller, for example. Which one is biggest? Smallest?

You could also think about ways to enrich your child’s vocabulary by incorporating descriptive adjectives that they may not hear as often as others such as:

  • Happy, happier, happiest
  • Long, longer, longest
  • Curly, curlier, curliest
  • Large, larger, largest
  • Tiny, tinier, tiniest

Use your imagination… furry? Hungry? Spotty? Ugly? Pretty? Smelly?

Take turns thinking of words to describe your items

Check your child’s APSEA service plan for vocabulary words that you can reinforce at home

But most importantly… Have fun!

3 different sized faces made from playdough
3 different sized snakes made from playdough
3 different curled up snakes made from playdough