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Join Teacher Kate and Language Acquisition Support Worker Susanne as they read and sign a repetitive story called "Where?". In this story, there are lots of opportunities to work on skills like understanding and practicing "where" questions, preposition words (in, under, beside, on) and common household words (sink, bathtub, soap).

You and your child could use the simple repetitive question and answer pattern of this story to create your own "Where?" story using a favourite stuffed animal, or an action figure around various parts of your home or yard. If you have access to technology, you could even create a little story like Kate and Susanne did, or you could draw some pictures on paper to make a story. If you don't want to create a story, you might just want to make it into a turn-taking game where you move the favourite character to different locations and ask the other person "Where?" so they can practice answering.

Have fun!