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This is a video of a simple smash mat activity can be used at home to target just about any language goal your child might be working on. In the video, the targeted skill is synonyms and the child “smashes” a scoop of ice cream each time he comes up with a synonym for a given word. Other language concepts that have been incorporated into this activity include ordinal numbers (first, second, third) and spatial concepts (top, middle, bottom).

This activity would lend itself nicely to quantity concepts if you were to vary the number of scoops in each cone (single, double, triple scoops) and compare which cone has more/less or the most/ least or are the same/ equal in amount.

You could also use this as a barrier board activity where the parent would create an ice cream cone and place a barrier up (book, toy, box) between them so the child could not see it. The parent would then describe their cone to the child who would build their cone to match their parent’s (e.g., My cone has mint ice cream on the bottom, banana in the middle and strawberry at the top). The child could then create a cone to describe to his parent.