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What's Missing?

This activity can be used to support memory development, learn parts of an object, label and identify objects. This activity can also be modified to incorporate speech sounds by articulating the beginning letter sounds (f, sh, s), for example: face, shoes, sock, etc.

Materials needed:

  • Playdough
  • Paper
  • Scissors
  • Marker

Using the playdough theme, have fun making potato head features like those displayed below. Now you are ready to play the game.

Begin by presenting each object one at a time lining them up in a row, carefully naming each item. As each item is introduced slowly emphasize the beginning letter sounds.

Lips made of playdoughHats made of playdoughEarrings made of playdoughGlasses made of playdoughNoses made of playdoughEyebrows made of playdoughMoustaches made of playdough
Shoes made of playdoughSocks made of playdoughEyes made of playdough

Variation game play 1

Make your very own potato head. To do this, draw an oval shape onto a piece of paper and add some ears. Then add various potato head features.

Next, explain what’s going to happen. Either cover the potato head or have the child close their eyes while a feature is removed. Once an item is removed have the child open their eyes and make a guess of what is missing. If they are having difficulty guessing, you could offer a hint such as, it can be worn.

Potato Head made of playdough before
Potato Head made of playdough after
Another Potato Head made of playdough before
Another Potato Head made of playdough after

Variation game play 2

For more of a challenge, all potato head features can be placed together on a tray following the same instructions as above.

All our pieces made of playdough before
All our pieces made of playdough after
After — What's missing?

Finally after having played a few rounds of the game, enjoy some free play and have fun creating your very own potato heads!