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Magnify the Moment - Building vocabulary and language around activities in your child’s day.

A soccer ball with several patches that are labeled with categories. They are: Where is it played? Playing the game. Teams/players. Benefits. Rules.

Today’s topic: Soccer

Think of the things can you talk about with your child around the game of soccer. 

Did you know?

  • What you wear is called a kit (e.g., jersey, shorts, socks, cleats/shoes, and shin guards)
  • Soccer is played on a field or a pitch
  • it is either called football or soccer depending on where you are in the world

You can also talk about different categories:

  • Rules – Unless you are the goalie, you are not allowed to touch the ball with your arms or hands. You can also talk about offside, fouls, yellow and red cards.
  • Playing the game – referee, throw-in, corner kick, penalty kick, etc.
  • Where it is played – indoors or outdoors, on grass or artificial turf
  • Benefits –it is exercise and can be played in the fresh air, it teaches you about teamwork and sportsmanship


If your child is familiar with the basics of soccer, you can talk about:

  • Famous soccer teams or players
  • The history of soccer, who invented it and where
  • Different roles/positions
  • Offensive/defensive strategies

You can also discuss the categories in relation to other sports (e.g., basketball, ringette, etc.)

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