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A mother and child walk hand in hand along a dirt path with trees on each side. The child is eating an apple.Let’s go on a listening walk! What do you hear in your neighborhood? A garbage truck, a bird, a child laughing. This is a great activity to help your child build on his/her auditory awareness skills. You can do this on any day, in any weather!

Who can do it?

Children who are newly amplified and early listeners.

Why do it?

A new listener may be able to hear new sounds but doesn’t always understand what they are hearing. A listening walk is a great way to practice the following listening skills:

  • Detecting a sound (“Listen, did you hear that?”)
  • Showing awareness of loud and soft sounds (“what a loud truck!”)
  • Adding meaning and vocabulary to a sound (“tweet” I hear a bird!”)
  • Searching for the source of the sound (“look......I see the bird up in the tree!”)

What else can we do?

Have fun!