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This activity can be played in a variety of ways to practice listening and language development. In this activity, we will be using Learning to Listen Sounds to reinforce the association of a sound like woof-woof with the object-dog.

How to play

Choose 5-10 objects and review each item with the child by first showing the toy then saying the sound and having the child practice the sounds. Then put one or more of the objects in a box and make the sound associated with an item and have the child pick the right object out of the box. The difficulty of this task is modified by the number of objects used.

Who can do it?

Children new to hearing aids or cochlear implants, early listeners. This activity can be modified to suit age and level of listening.

Why do it?

Developing sound-object association helps a child attend to sounds, recognize that sounds are different, and understand that different sounds have different meaning. This activity will also help develop:

  • Vocabulary development
  • Listening skills
  • Speaking skills
  • Turn taking

What can we do next?

As your child acquires these early listening skills you can increase difficulty by using any toy or object familiar to your child to put in the bag/box and then give clues about this toy or object to see if you child can guess what it is. Along with giving clues, you could give them the option to ask questions to help discover what the object is. Take turns to allow your child try to give clues about the object. There are so many ways to make this a fun game for everyone.

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