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Describing Socially Acceptable Ways to Express Emotions: Saying Thanks

Examples of messages on posters

Create a poster with an inspirational message/message of thanks that you can hang in your window, apartment lobby or from your roadside mailbox that will brighten someone’s day. Front-line workers such as police officers, firefighters, paramedics, doctors, nurses, hospital support staff, grocery store staff, truckers, specific family members and neighbours are prime examples of those who are being publicly acknowledged for the important work they are doing/support they are providing during this challenging time.

Alternatively, use chalk to write your message on your driveway or sidewalk. With your child, discuss something to write that will give people hope and/or shows appreciation and will make their day better. If you don’t have chalk, write your message with collected rocks or other available materials. Being creative provides a fun way to talk about emotions and express yourself!

Messages can vary, depending upon your child’s choice of recipient(s) and choice of sentiment.