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Tips for Students to Use During a Virtual Class

Screen setting do not:

  • If you are sitting behind the window, it will make your appearance too dark. It will be hard to see the facial expressions or signs.
  • If you are sitting in the front of a window, you will appearance too bright (white wash out). It will be hard to see facial expressions and signs.
  • Frames – too close, look up from bottom, headless, off centre/partially out of frame

Screen setting do:

  • Frame – perfect position for better vision to see facial expressions and signs clear.

Sitting setting do not:

  • If you are sitting with your knees and feet in the way it is obstructing the visual access
  • If you are sitting on the floor, laying on the bed, bouncing up and down, swiveling or rocking on the chair are distracting for the teacher, interpreter or other students.
  • Virtual background makes visibility difficult for others with your hands when signing or fingerspelling. It will be blurry when moving.
  • People traffic in the background can be distracting for others and they would not able to focus on you.

Sitting setting do:

  • Sitting properly with perfect position help us to see clear and focus better

Behaviour setting do not:

  • Eating during the virtual class - I know you are hungry, but imagine you are in class doing the work, are you allow to eat during your class time? No - we are not allowed until recess or lunch time. It is important to eat before the class or wait until after class is finish. Sometimes during virtual class, you may feel hungry, you can raise your hand and ask your teacher if you can eat and the teacher can decide if you can take a break to get something light to eat. It is important to communicate with your teacher.
  • Texting/video chatting with your friend/family on your mobile phone during virtual class is not appropriate.
  • Someone interrupts and chatting with you you during the virtual class can affect other students or teacher to lose focus. It can be distracting. It is best to find a room with no interrupting.
  • Walking around the room is very distracting. We recommend you to be ready and find a quiet room and comfortable sitting on the chair few minutes before the virtual class start.

Behaviour setting do:

  • Siting in your comfortable chair and in a quiet room is the best way to help everyone to focus

Appearance do not:

  • Do not wear clothes that you will not go out in the public, for example you can not go to a restaurant with bathrobe and towel on head.

Appearance do:

  • Wear proper clothes, comfortable clothes – no topless.

Attention do not:

  • Flicking the camera on and off will distracts the class. Teacher may feel that it will waste their teaching time.
  • Over exaggerated hand waving to get attention

Attention do:

  • Importantly is to raise your hand when you want to ask question or share something. It helps the teacher controls the students and to let students to take turn to participates.