2018 Summer Support Program

The Summer Support Program provides funding for established recreation, sport and leisure programs for students served by APSEA who would otherwise not be able to participate in these programs due to their sensory loss. Funding may also be allocated for job coaching in supported employment.

The Support Worker works in consultation with parents/guardians. Parents submit the application. As program information may not be available by the deadline, applications may be submitted based on the previous year’s info rmation. However, to secure funding, the current updated information must be provided as soon as it becomes available.

How do parents/guardians access this funding?

  • Itinerant Teachers and/or school/daycare staff provide information to parents/guardians.
  • Parents/guardians forward the completed application by Tuesday, May 1st to:
    Director of Programs for Students who are Blind or Visually Impaired
    or Director of Programs for Students who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing
    APSEA, 5940 South Street, Halifax, NS B3H 1S6
  • Applications will be reviewed and notification sent to parents/guardians by Friday, May 18th.
  • *Please Note:
    All Support Worker paperwork (Criminal Record Check ‐ to be completed by all provinces, Child Abuse Registry ‐ Nova Scotia only, or Health & Community Services forms ‐ Prince Edward Island only) must be completed and received no later than Friday, June 15th.
  • Letters of confirmation with details will be sent to parents/guardians with a copy to the Support Worker or Program Director by Friday, June 15th.

Receipt of Payment
Upon completion of the program, an invoice is to be completed by the Support Worker or Manager/Director of the summer program, signed and dated to verify hours of work. Invoices are to be submitted to the BVI Admin Assistant (fax # 902-423-8700)