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A routine-based fun-filled ½ hour of songs and stories presented to students in the comfort of their home or school. Through a variety of purposefully selected activities and songs, students can watch, listen, and participate to their ability with the support of adults in their home or school setting. Students will be introduced to a core group of songs and stories, allowing them to build understanding and familiarity to encourage recognition, anticipation, and build participation over time. Familiar songs and stories will be presented in a routine-based lesson designed for students with a visual impairment and additional exceptionalities. These activities may support developing visual behaviors, promote movement, support concept development, literacy, and communication skills. This foundation program consists of 30-minute sessions offered 4 days per week with flexible options for students to join at preferred times according to their age group and daily school/home schedule.

Participation in this program provides:

  • An opportunity for students with visual impairments and additional exceptionalities to participate in a developmentally appropriate social circle with their peers.
  • Learning opportunities to support listening, visual skills, literacy, and communication development.