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Future Ready Skills (FRS)

Grades: High School

Frequency: Monthly group meetings to be determined after registration based on student availability, with additional workshops offered throughout the year

Designed for students in high school, this program is based on the philosophy of building student engagement and choice to create relevant learning opportunities to encourage future readiness as students prepare for life after school.  Our idea is to bring the high school students together virtually and help them build connections with each other while they consider information and skills they would like to learn about to help prep for the future.

Participating students will meet monthly with program facilitators to connect and to collectively determine areas of interest for further exploration.  Monthly online meetings will be the framework of the program, with chosen topics of interest to be scheduled flexibly as a series of mini workshops throughout the school year.  Once enrolled in the program, students have a voice in coming up with ideas for workshops and can decide which ones they would like to attend.

In this program, students will have an opportunity to meet our interdisciplinary team of APSEA specialists and guest speakers. We welcome blind, visually impaired, Deaf, and/or hard of hearing students to participate together and will program adaptively so that both collective and unique needs are met.

Opportunities for workshops may include (but are not limited to):

  • How to build interview skills
  • Exploring hobbies and recreational activities
  • How to build a solid resume
  • How to create a strong scholarship application
  • Q &A with a prof/instructor from a post-secondary institution
  • Q&A with student services team from a post-secondary institution
  • Community partners - how to get involved
  • What’s new in access technology
  • Advocacy in the work and post-secondary world

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