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The Single Sessions: Money Management | Grades 2+

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Join Jennifer Fancy and Lisa Brett to learn strategies for identifying and organizing money, making small purchases, and budgeting. This program has been designed to align with individual student schedules. When registering, please select the appropriate level for your student:

Level 1 (Introduction to coins and bills.)

Level 2 (Some experience with coins and bills. Introduction to small purchases.)

Level 3 (Some experience with small purchases. Introduction to simple budgeting.)

Areas of ECC: Independent Living Skills and Career Education

In this workshop, students may have the opportunity to:

  • Identify and name coins and money symbols (e.g., cent sign, dollar sign, etc.).
  • Describe the values of individual coins.
  • Determine the value of a collection of coins.
  • Develop a system for safely organizing and storing money.
  • Describe ways to earn/acquire money (e.g., chores, job, gift, etc.)
  • Use technology to support money management skills.
  • Estimate costs of frequently purchased items.
  • Identify needs and wants.
  • Create a simple mock budget.