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Be Direct and Connect: Building Social Connections | Grades 6-9

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Students enrolled in this program will focus on their abilities and build strategies to cope with a variety of challenges they may face on a day-to-day basis. Working collaboratively with your peers, you will discover what makes you unique, while building strong advocacy skills along the way. Opportunities to make new friends and build relationships with other APSEA students will be encouraged. Sessions will feature interactive content and group activities, which support active engagement, teamwork, and critical thinking.

ECC Areas:

  • Self Determination
  • Compensatory
  • Social Interaction

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss their eye condition and appropriate compensatory strategies with unfamiliar adults and peers.
  • Develop an awareness of their peers’ and preferred compensatory strategies.
  • Negotiate with peers to coordinate an activity (teamwork)
  • Analyze team roles and identify their personal contributions when working with others.
  • Expand personal awareness of possible team contributions.