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I Got This: Getting to Know Myself and Building Friendships| Grades 10+

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This foundation program will provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and needs, as they plan for life after high school. Strategies for developing friendships, working with others, and problem solving will be explored. Together we will look at ways to address problems as they occur, effective ways to communicate when working with others to reach a solution, and how to ask for help when it is necessary.

ECC Areas:

  • Self Determination
  • Compensatory
  • Social Interaction

In this workshop, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Solve simple problems.
  • Demonstrate refusal strategies and advocate the need for support (e.g., through scenario-based group discussions).
  • Negotiate with peers to plan and coordinate an activity (teamwork).
  • Describe advocacy strategies.
  • Explore interests with peers and identify access strategies.
  • Develop an awareness of peers and their preferred strategies.