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APSEA Group: Building Resiliency Through Celebration

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“Change the way you look at things and the things you look at change” (Wayne W. Dyer)

This program is designed to support and empower students with sensory diversity and additional exceptionalities.

In a time of change and transition, young people have been adjusting and adapting in various ways. Messages and images of hope and positivity can be seen throughout schools and community. Come and share in story of your feelings of empowerment from learning or developing new skills during this time.

The program is designed to focus on resilience and identifying strengths to support oneself during challenging times. Through their own interests and lens, students will have the opportunity to identify and celebrate with other students having similar needs, providing a peer group for social/emotional development.

Students will explore:

  • Social language in different settings: Welcome and Introductions
  • Skills for life through group activity and discussion
  • Alternate activities: e.g., Move and Stretch
  • Experiential storytelling and discussion e.g., community travel, volunteer work, employment readiness, “what you need to do to get a…”
  • Activities to promote self-regulation and group engagement

Students who are Deaf or hard of hearing or Blind or visually impaired and identify with additional exceptionalities, in grades 9-12 are welcome to participate in this bi-weekly, 50-minute program.