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Get ready for a virtual adventure! This fun 12-week program is open to students in grades 4 to 6. Each 45-minute session will have students come together virtually to finish listening to the final episodes of the homeBOUND FOR ADVENTURE podcast and share in interactive group discussions based on a variety of weekly topics. This is a time to meet new friends, learn more about O&M, and build your listening skills. Topics include landmarks & clues, measurements & maps, white canes, types of transportation, types of intersections, purchasing skills, etc. Students will have opportunities to put the concepts they learn into practice with a fun "action step" that they can do each week in between sessions.

Note: Created by Tracy Spohn, an O&M Specialist in Washington State, homeBOUND FOR ADVENTURE is a fantastic educational podcast designed to help kids who are blind or visually impaired to stay connected and engaged while dealing with restrictions associated with the pandemic.