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At a Glance: An unstructured, drop-in opportunity for students to meet and connect with APSEA mentors and each other. Students can participate flexibly as they wish.

Grades: 4 – 12

Grade 4 to 6 - Mondays 12:40pm - 1:40pm (AST)
Grade 7 to 9 - Wednesdays 11:45am -12:45pm (AST)
Grade 10 to 12 - Mondays 4pm - 5pm (AST)

Welcome to ARC, a virtual social gathering for students who are supported by APSEA. Led by Chrissy MacNeil, Harry Purney, and Meg Stewart, APSEA Deaf Mentors, ARC provides opportunities for students to meet and get to know others who are Deaf and/or hard of hearing. ARC is hosted using the Zoom Health Platform and is designed so that students can connect with their peers in a fun and relaxed online environment, facilitated by the Mentors. ARC is a place to play games, share stories, and meet new people. As people with lived experience, Chrissy, Harry, and Meg understand the importance of the social connections and experiences that participation in the recreational clubs can provide.

There are no registration deadlines. Students are welcome to sign up at any time throughout the year and can join in the weekly sessions as often as their schedules permit.

Note: For grades 4-6 and 7-9, the above-listed lunch time hours are a guideline. When students enroll, we will check with you regarding the timing of each student’s lunch hour. Based on the responses received, the time might be adjusted/expanded to best accommodate student’s participation. Students will be able to sign in and take part flexibly during their lunch break; they are welcome to have their lunch whilst participating and are not required to stay for the full time. Once students are signed up for ARC, they are welcome to take part as often as they are available for the entire school year.

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