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At a Glance: Language development support for students who communicate using ASL

Grades: All grades, based on students’ ability to participate in an online learning environment

Schedule: Weekly for the duration of the school year

Framed around thematic units that can be adapted to meet students’ specific needs and interests, cohorts introduce students to APSEA specialists and peers who communicate using ASL. While taking part in these groups, students explore content that might include topics such as the language of school, the language of emotions and self-regulation, science vocabulary, literacy vocabulary, and social language. For older students or more experienced signers, topics could include a more advanced exploration of ASL features and linguistics. To ensure relevant learning and engagement, units can be adjusted as students develop their skills or indicate areas of interest.

With a goal of empowering others and creating a shared knowledge base, facilitators will regularly share information on topics being covered, resources being used, and vocabulary that has been highlighted so that families and school teams can continue and expand upon the language journey in different settings. Once registrations have been received, students will be grouped according to language levels in consultation with an ASL Specialist and Itinerant Teachers. We have designated time in the mornings for ASL Cohorts and students will participate weekly; once enrolled our team will work with you to determine the most appropriate placement.

While there are no registration deadlines for APSEA ASL Cohorts, and students are welcome to sign up at any point throughout the year, we encourage anyone interested to register early to ensure the best fit for everyone.

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