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Happy, Sad, Disappointed, or Mad: Feelings, Emotions, and How to Self-Regulate

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ECC Skill Level: Intermediate
3 – 6
Date & Time:
Thursdays 1 – 2pm, March 24 – June 2
Program Length:
Weekly over the course of 11 weeks
Janice Gavin and Wendy King

If your pencil breaks, do you feel angry? Or could it be that you’re frustrated? What’s the difference between sad and disappointed? Could learning more about these words help you understand how to feel better?

Students participating in this program will engage in activities designed to focus specifically on building self-awareness and self-management skills while promoting the use of appropriate conversational skills.

In this program, students will have opportunities to:

  • Discuss the language of a variety of emotions
  • Explore scenarios where emotions have been experienced feelings and behaviors
  • Examine strategies and tools for self-regulation