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High School Career Exploration

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ECC Skill Level: Intermediate - Advanced
10 – 12
Date & Time:
Wednesdays 1 – 2, March 23 – June 1
Program Length:
Weekly over the course of 11 weeks
Wendy King and Lisa Brett

In this collaborative DHH and BVI project, students will learn about themselves as future employees and consider skills and interests when selecting a work path. Virtual Career Exploration programming contributes to the career development process by providing a profile of the student’s measured interests, values, and work preferences. This program supports the student’s identification of areas of personal interest, as well as their understanding the concept of work and careers.

Through individual and small group instruction, high school students in this program will have the opportunity to:

  • Complete a picture or language-based commercial interest inventory with virtual program instructor
  • Review completed and scored commercial interest inventory with virtual program instructor
  • Explore their occupational knowledge by researching occupations, within their higher interest career clusters, as identified by the commercial interest inventory
  • Discuss career interests with peers
  • Compile their occupations of interest in preferred format (e.g., pictures, list, etc.)
  • Describe their accessibility needs