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2D Learning in a 3D World: Working with Interpreters Online (junior and senior)

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Even before Covid 19 shifted many of our activities online, we were beginning to experience a world in which socializing, learning and working could be done in a virtual environment. As students progress through school and life, they can expect to participate more and more in online environments.

ASL is a 3D language, while online interpretation is a 2D experience. Fortunately, there are particular skills that can be developed that will support easier access to information. Students are invited to join us to explore skills that make accessing information on virtual platforms easier.

In this program, students will have opportunities to:

  • Learn about the differences between virtual and in- person interpreting
  • Discuss ideal setup (e.g., background, lighting, etc.)
  • Discuss interpreting preferences with Deaf peers and adults
  • Examine and practice different approaches to advocating for your online needs
  • Learn strategies to combat eye fatigue