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It’s as Easy as Pie! No, It’s a Piece of Cake!: An Emerging to Advanced Pragmatics and Social Communication Program

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Are you “in the dark” when it comes to understanding some of the expressions people use? Are they “as clear as mud” and is understanding them “easier said than done”?

“In a nutshell”, idioms can be tricky, and they take time to appreciate; however, they are important to learn because they add to our ability to understand and communicate meaning.

We welcome students in grades 4 – 7, or older students who would benefit from additional practice on these skills, to join this program.

In this six-week workshop, students will have the opportunity to:

  • Discuss the difference between literal and figurative language
  • Examine common idioms
  • Find the fun in using idioms effectively
  • Add richness to their language but using these figurative expressions