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Why are Hearing People So Weird…? My Experience as a Deaf Person.

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When I tell people I’m Deaf, some of them behave like a deer in headlights – freeze, don’t move!

But why?

Students are invited to experience the perspectives of people who identify and communicate in various ways – Deaf, hard of hearing, ASL user, lipreader, English speaker, cochlear implant user and, of course, those confusing hearing people! We’ll discuss our thoughts in a safe, friendly environment, ask questions, and share our experiences.

Come and join in this fun, interactive program. BONUS – you can develop people and communication skills that will look great on your resume! WARNING - there may be a lot of belly laughs!

In this program, students will have opportunities to:

  • Meet people with different hearing levels and identities
  • Share stories and experiences related to communication
  • Learn strategies for communicating with people who have different hearing levels and communication modalities
  • Discuss common sources of miscommunication
  • Explore common myths and misconceptions about Deaf and hard of hearing people